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Covid 19# information on Ministry interventions and Guidelines




  1. Court hearings and appearances suspended for a period of 32 days with effect from 20th March 2020
  2. During this 32 day period, prisoners and remandees not to be presented in court
  3. All execution proceedings suspended
  4. Courts to continue handling certificates of urgency and taking a plea for serious cases and bail applications
  5. All conferences, workshops, meetings, and training programs suspended
  6. Travel abroad for all Judicial staff suspended 
  7. MoH COVID-19 preventive guidelines in full force and operationalized on all service points


PRESS RELEASE:  Normal operations in the Courts in Uganda shall have to wait until the general opening of public transport, the Chief Justice, Bart M. Katureebe, has said. DOWNLOAD (Published: May 28, 2020)


DOWNLOAD a circular issued by the Chief Justice on Covid-19 administrative measures.



DOWNLOAD a paper on COVID-19 and the administration of justice in Uganda (Published: May 18, 2020)


As one of the measures to curb the spread of Corvid-19 in courtrooms, the Nateete/Rubaga Magistrate’s Court has labeled court seats in conformity with guidelines issued by H.E The President, the Chief Justice and Ministry of Health to curb the spread of Covid-19.




CONTACT the Judiciary using the information below: 


Courts of Judicature

High Court Building 

Plot 2, The Square

P. O. Box 7085, Kampala Uganda


Phone Contacts

Tel Line: +256 - (0) 414-344 116

Toll Free Lines :  0- 800 -111 900 / +256 - (0) 417- 892 900

Fax : +256 - (0) 414-344 110

Email : info [at]

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