Attorney General

Mr. William Byaruhanga, is an accomplished Advocate of the Courts of Judicature of Uganda who has had a successful practise career since 1988.   Initially he worked with a Law Firm Hunter & Greg (later to be named Katera, Kasibayo, Kagumire & Co Advocates) and later joined Binaisa & Co. Advocates.  He later partnered up with a colleague Mr. Andrew Kasirye to form their own chambers, Kasirye, Byaruhanga & Company Advocates in November 1991.  He is the Principal Partner of the Law firm.


Under Mr. Byaruhanga’s stewardship the Law Firm has specialized and excelled in the areas of commercial litigation, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, privatization and divestiture.


The firm has provided legal advisory services for the Government of Uganda and prospective investors in the privatization of Uganda Telecommunications Limited; the privatization of National Insurance Corporation; divesture of Kinyara Sugar Works and the unbundling of Uganda Airlines Corporation. The Law Firm has also provided (and continues to provide) legal services to financial institutions such as the Barclays Bank of Uganda Ltd and Stanbic Bank Ltd.


The Law firm has also provided legal services to Centum Investments Ltd, Nairobi Kenya, the largest private equity investment Company in East Africa.


In June 2016, Mr. William Byaruhanga was appointed as the Attorney General of Uganda.  


The Attorney General has a unique role to play as a Minister.  One part of the Attorney General's role is that of a Cabinet Minister. In this capacity the Minister is responsible for representing the interests and perspectives of the Ministry at Cabinet, while simultaneously representing the interests and perspectives of Cabinet and consequently the Government to the Ministry and the Ministry's communities of interest.


Among other roles, the Attorney General


e)     shall advise the Government upon all matters of law connected with legislative enactments and upon all matters of law referred to him or her by the Government;

f)      shall advise the Government upon all matters of a legislative nature and superintend all Government measures of a legislative nature;

g)     shall advise the heads of ministries and agencies of Government upon all matters of law connected with such ministries and agencies;

h)     shall conduct and regulate all litigation for and against the Crown or any ministry or agency of government in respect of any subject within the authority or jurisdiction of the Legislature;

i)      shall superintend all matters connected with judicial offices;